Marriage Ceremonies

At Burke Street Headland, the Strand

      A word about your ceremony.... 

I find it a great privilege to assist couples with their marriage ceremony.
Your Marriage Ceremony is an integral part of your Wedding Day, and an opportunity for couples to express their love and commitment to each other in the company of family and friends.

Your Ceremony should reflect the excitement and special feelings you have for each other and I give you the opportunity to choose the kind of Ceremony you would like.

My Ceremonies are professional, personalised and friendly and I aspire to make your Ceremony the most wonderful occasion you could wish for - the Celebration of your Love

Locations, Types and Themes ....

Sand Ceremony

Choose your location and I can most likely accommodate your wishes as you can see by the top and right photos. You can decide whether you want a formal church wedding, or an informal ceremony barefooted on the beach.
The very special Sand Ceremony symbolises the melding of two families, with the mixing of the coloured sands. Your ceremony, your call.

On board yacht, Iseulta, Townsville Yacht Club


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